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I’m Back

Okay, folks. I’m back.

If you’re bothering to read this, I assume you’re viewing it as a welcome development!

I accomplished my move to Texas with about as little fuss and bother as one can manage, which is to say, it was a major Charlie Foxtrot much of the time. But I’ve found my inventory of books and t-shirts, burned some new CD’s (sorry, haven’t got the fancy CD labels printed yet but that should happen soon), and have shipped all outstanding orders. Those of you who have been waiting for your orders: I’ve included a small token of my appreciation in the form of discounts for further orders, and if you want a free TAS anatomy t-shirt, just drop me an email and I’ll send you one by snailmail.

New members/users who have signed up since summer, please be patient and I’ll get you approved as soon as I can. Unfortunately my security software for the website was defeated by some new spamming technology, so I have literally hundreds of bogus members-only applications. I read and print and file every member application personally, and often request additional documentation before approval. WIth all these bogus apps coming in, I’m really behind on membership approval. So please bear with me.

I will post here on my blog when I’ve got the backlog cleared up. Hopefully later this week.

Now, let me explain what I mean when I say "I’m back".

First, it means that I’m recanting my quasi-decision to withdraw Tactical Anatomy training and publications from the marketplace. A number of good people have encouraged me to keep going. That wouldn’t be enough in and of itself, but I’ve found that my work load here in Texas is "light" enough that I can actually put time and energy into running TAS training and publications. My former position in Wisconsin consisted of being a fulltime ER doc, plus being the Medical Director of my ER, plus leadership involvement (meetings, meetings, and more meetings) with my employer. This hardly left any time for the things I enjoy, and zero energy to get up and do those things.

So I’m back in the training biz. The Minnesota state SWAT training organization, SOTA, is hosting a SXRV class for SWAT/Patrol in March 2012. We are going to be using some state of the art computer simulations at this class using the updaed MILO system I partner-purchased recently.  If you want to sign on for this program, contact SOTA board member Chris at for registration info. He tells me the SOTA website is having growing pains, so it’s best to contact him directly.  I’m still waiting to nail down dates for a combined SXRV and TTGSW class in Nashville TN next spring, so watch here for dates and details on that.

My webmaster has promised to tutor me (AGAIN…) on how to post upcoming training on this website so y’all’s can find out what’s coming up.

I’ve been in contact with a couple of gun/cop magazines I’ve written for in the past, so you should be seeing my articles out in the mainstream press again soon. My intention is to link new articles to this website so members can read them here in the Members Only area without purchasing the magazines in question; and since sometimes editors take out some of the more graphic stuff I send them (photos and text), I’ll be able to put up the full content for members here.

Finally, I am working on a 2nd Edition of my book, which will be updated with training drills I’ve co-developed with trainers around the country, as well as updated and expanded section on the utility and practical use of computer simulators for your training programs. Oh, and most of the photos will be updated as well. No, I couldn’t get Kim Kardashian to pose for the t-shirt drawings sequence, but I did as well as I could to reduce the need for "eye bleach" in the next edition (no offense intended to great photo and modelling work done by Steve Sager and Mike Larney in the first edition, guys!)

Stay safe, amigos.