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New Article Out in Gunzine

I was privileged to be asked by Kathy Jackson of Concealed Carry Magazine to write an article on SXRV. You can check it out in the latest issue (Vol. 9, Issue 7, October 2012) or by loggin in to  Kathy did a great job of editing the article and improving my amateurish photos and illustrations. Way to go, Kathy!

In other news, I returned this past week from a successful hunting trip to Wyoming.

This was the 5th annual reunion of a bunch of guys that my friend Keith and I have gathered up for an annual Antelope Armaggedon. This year was surprisingly cold and snowy, which really played hell with the antelope hunting. Fortunately, good guiding by Keith and Larry, and some amazing shooting with a great rifle that Keith provided that could reach out and kill speedgoats at nearly 1000 yards turned the tide!  I brought home 3 tasty animals, which will provide the bulk of our winter’s meat here in West Texas, and will provide about 40 pounds of antelope/pork smoked sausage for the annual Reagan County Big Game Supper coming up the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

I have a couple more hunts scheduled this fall, and in the meantime I’m preparing for my recurring Family Medicine Board exam in November. Not to mention that my Concussion Clinic duties are really taking off. So I may be even LESS likely to post regular blogs than I usually do.

So in the meantime, y’all stay safe, and have a great fall and/or hunting season.