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Violence is Golden

My good friend Eric, who I refer to in this blog as Bluedreaux, is a kind, polite, gentle, and thoughtful man. He brought this article (click on the link at the bottom of this blog entry) to my attention.

Bluedreaux is a guy who thinks a lot. He comes up with different ways of looking at things, and I appreciate that about him. But he’s also a practical man. And he is also a violent man at times. 

You see, violence is part of Bluedreaux’s job. He is a police officer. Like all cops, he’s learned how to employ violence to bring people who choose to act in violation of Society’s laws back inside the bounds of those laws. He does so at Society’s behest, with Society’s permission; in fact, he is obligated to do so!

The idea that violence is sometimes necessary to the preservation of one’s life or the preservation of social order is ancient. NO society that has ever survived long enough to have records of its existence has ever pretended otherwise. But we have a growing sentiment in America (and to a lesser degree, western Europe as well) that pretends to believe that violence is always bad.  

This alarms me. For people to actually believe such a thing, they have to commit the most incredible contortions of logic and understanding I can possibly imagine. Yet they are doing it, in increasing numbers, and their viewpoint has become a serious factor in social discourse in our day and age. 

Now, my regular readers (all 3 of you, thanks for that!) know that I am a physician. My training and temperament, unlike Bluedreaux’s, are not geared toward rapid deployment of force or violence when a difficult situation arises. (And believe me, such situations are not uncommon in the ER!) My first instinct in such a situation is to try to de-escalate the situation as rapidly as possible so we can make sure that people who need care can get it in a timely manner. Almost all the time that works. But sometimes it doesn’t, and in those circumstances, I call the police to settle it down. 

But if the police can’t get there before some bad stuff is going down, I will not stand down nor run away. If my people are at risk, I have to act in my (and their) own defense. I once had to fetch a loaded rifle from my car and bring it into the ER–thank God I didn’t have to use it, but if the situation had devolved as I felt it was likely to, it was either send rounds downrange or die. Fortunately,  none of my staff mentioned my action to the Corporate Pukes who ran that hospital, or I’d likely have been fired and God knows what other bad things might have happened (even though at the time I was a sheriff’s deputy, you never know with Corporate Pukes!)  But my staff made it clear that they appreciated my willingness to face the wrath of the CP’s in defense of their lives, so that was nice… but truth to tell, I could not have done otherwise and continued to look at my face in the mirror every morning. 

Violence–or the threat of violence, the willingness to use violence–is not always the answer. But sometimes it is the only answer. And when it is the only answer, no other answer will serve.

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Hillary Clinton’s Health Deteriorating?

I have long suspected Hillary Clinton suffered a serious brain injury when she suffered her “concussion” several years ago. Not on the basis of any third-hand rumors or innuendoes, but on the basis of my knowledge of brain injury as a certified MD concussion specialist. 

Hillary had to take 6 months off after her fall and brain injury, and even then her alleged husband (partner-in-crime would be a more appropriate title, I think) Bill Clinton commented in an interview that she was still far from being back to normal, even after 6 months of rehab and recovery. 

In the past several months the media (well, some of the media, just not the major networks, who appear to be in bed with the Clintons)  have published video of unusual motor activity strongly suggestive of seizure activity. Check out these video clips and see for yourself:

The article is clearly a biased anti-Hillary hit piece, and as such I do not endorse it. But the series of photos and videos is, in my opinion as a medical doctor with 20 years of experience diagnosing and treating Cerebral Concussion and its aftereffects, strongly suggestive of a serious permanent brain injury. 

Is this a problem? Well, in most doctors’ opinions, the answer would be a resounding “YES!!!”  If Hillary is having seizures, she must be under the care of a neurologist and must be on anti-seizure medications. But she is still having seizures despite the medication. So by definition she has an uncontrolled seizure disorder. This has HUGE implications. 

Speaking as a medical doctors: if I have a patient under my care who is having uncontrolled seizures, in most states I am required to notify the DMV and have that patient’s driver’s license suspended. Now, think about what that means. It means that most Americans recognize that a person who has unpredictable seizures should not be allowed to be in control of a large, potentially dangerous machine because loss of control could happen at any time, and people could be hurt or killed. 

So I am obligated to inform my patient that she may no longer drive, and that I am required to report her medical problem to the authorities. Now, I will also tell the patient several other things that will help her not have more seizures. For instance, drinking alcohol will increase the likelihood of another seizure. Also, increased “stress” in her life will most likely trigger more seizures. In fact, most people with serious seizure disorders that can’t be controlled with medication have to scale back their activity and stress levels to the point of being unemployable. 

I don’t know about you, but I would think that the stresses of running a campaign for the Presidency of the United States would be incompatible with the best medical practice for management of a patient’s seizure disorder. In other words, if Hillary is in fact having seizures, her doctor(s) are committing an act that most doctors would consider malpractice by allowing her to run for office. 

I’m sure the truth will come out on this issue. Whether it will lead to her disqualification is anybody’s guess, though… after all, the Clintons have apparently bought off almost every critic Hillary has, and the Clinton voters clearly aren’t interested in any of the egregious facts about Mrs. Clinton, so it’s all up in the air. 

I’m frankly surprised she has survived (politically and in terms of her precarious health) this far!