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Why Should I Care About Islam, the “Religion of Peace”?

I got a Facebook message from a very good young man I know, a friend of my son. He was responding to a post I had shared. It was a video from Prager University (not a real university at all, but a series of short lectures by academics explaining important stuff), in which a former Muslim woman explained why the West cannot “tolerate” Islam as it currently exists. 

My young friend was startled by this video. He thought he was doing well to “tolerate” Islam, because it is a religion, and we are supposed to be tolerant of all religions. My response is reproduced, verbatim, below:


Dear Peter: 

Thanks for sharing your email with me. I’ll respect your privacy and not share it. Mine is apparently an open book for every email marketer in the world, but that’s a whole nother story!

Islam is not the greatest evil in the world, as some would claim, but it’s far from the benign religion that the “Committee on American-Islamic Relations” would have us believe it is. In fact, it’s really not a religion so much as it is a theocratic sociopolitical system. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing: after all, the Judeo-Christian tradition is a theocratic sociopolitical system as well, and has been since Constantine made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire in the 4th century. 
Most Western statesmen and virtually all American journalists fail to grasp this crucial distinction. We have our Constitutional 1st Amendment, which is supposed to guarantee government cannot establish a “state religion”; but in fact, America did have  state religion when Madison wrote the Constitution: Christianity, with grudging tolerance of Jews. So this Judeo-Christian religion, which is the foundation of all Western civilization and the philosophical and ethical basis of our laws, our science, our morals, and our government, was taken for granted by the Founding Fathers. This supposition has become a forgotten cornerstone in America’s (and the West’s!) social fabric.
JudeoChristianity, since the Roman Empire, has always been a God-based sociopolitical system. Since the Reformation it’s been a secularized system, but its bones are still J-C. But almost everybody in the West has forgotten that. 
Islam is a threat to the west because it is essentially a competing theocratic sociopolitical system. Islam will not tolerate Western law, because Islam can only accept Sharia law. And since law is the basis of sociopolitical order, the Islam cannot “assimilate” with the West’s law, which is based on J-C principles. 
By not recognizing the inherent opposition of Islam to Western humanism (and our tradition of common laws that goes back to the Romans), our leaders are making a grave mistake. It may cost us the world. 
Our American tradition of tolerance of other religions is fine, as long as everyone is playing by the same rules. Jews, Christians, Hindus, Shintoists, etc, ALL believe in tolerating someone else’s beliefs… you know, live and let live. Islam/Muslims DO NOT believe in tolerance. Their holy writings say all other religions must be destroyed, and all who do not believe as they do should be killed or forced to convert at the point of the sword. 
Fully 25% of Muslims worldwide believe their religion should be forced on the rest of the world. I’ll give you some links that demonstrate that. The remaining 75% are less comfortable with that, but like Americans who sympathized with the IRA in the 60’s and 70’s and 80’s, they support the radicals who want to kill all non-Muslims.  
Western statesmen recognized the dual nature of Islam several hundred years ago, and warned of its dangers. Thomas Jefferson was notable in his accurate prediction of the perils of “tolerating” Islam, because as he correctly noted, Islam will never “tolerate” us. 
Islam may be able to reform itself, as the woman in the video says. After all, the Jews were commanded in the Old Testament to do some pretty weird and violent shit, too, and they eventually got over it. Islam might be able to do the same. But if they don’t, the rest of the world is in for a beating! 
Sorry to go on so long about this. Here are some links you can start with. Use your Youtube and Google search functions to learn more. 
Start by watching this one:  Dr. Warner really condenses a vast amount if information into a 45 minute lecture. You can use this link to find more, similar videos, but this will give you more information on Islam’s fundamental tenets and writings than I got in 2 full university courses on Islam. BTW, Warner is a bona fide academic, not some crank Christian fundamentalist preacher. 
If you follow Dr. Warner’s Youtube lectures from this one, you’ll get a lot more information.
Also from Dr. Warner, this is a nice visual depiction of the spread of Islam by violent jihad, beginning in the 7th Century, and looking at the Crusades in perspective to the scope of Jihad:
Another perspective on the Crusades, which is part of a series that you might find really enlightening:  
Looking at more modern issues, here is a video exposing Islam’s attitude and actions toward women, and that led to the Dutch film-maker’s murder (by Muslim Jihadists). It’s long and plodding, but it exposes much of the horrific way women are subjugated by Muslims.  
This is a broader documentary, but long. It is well worth the time spent watching it. The violent and murderous history of Islam is explicated here. 
You should also look at facts regarding the attempts to reform Islam in the modern era, and why it is not gaining any traction. 
So, I’m sure you’re wondering, why is Doc spending so many pixels on a “tactical” website to a history/sociology lesson?
The answer is simple: I believe that war between the West and Islam is inevitable. It’s already breaking out in bits and pieces here and there, but so far the leaders of the West haven’t grasped the fact. I expect that they will only recognize that War is on when Iran, or one of its proxies, deploys a nuclear device against a Western city.
Those of us who have spent much or most of our lives learning the Warrior mindset, training in the use of arms and in tactics, may well find ourselves enmeshed in that War well before our national governments wake up. So we owe it to ourselves to wake up, to be educated on who and what we are likely going to have to fight against for our very lives and the survival of our civilization.
THAT is why Doc spent so many pixels this morning on a history lesson.