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The Decline and Fall of the American News Industry Cabal

…one could view the U.S. news information system as a sort of trough into which propagandists, calling themselves PR professionals, regularly dump information; journalists and news organizations nose in hog-like to feed at the trough. The notion of an independent and objective news system conducted by truth-seeking journalists is highly romanticized, exaggerated and self serving in regard to the actual role of mass media journalists in interpreting reality.” B.A.Patrick


I came across this quote in the above-cited article on Facebook today. This was the THIRD post I shared on my timeline this morning whose main theme was harsh criticism of the national news media and its abject failure to report the truth during the past election and its aftermath. 

Frankly, I’ve been appalled by the MSM’s apparent abandonment of journalistic ethics in the past 25 years, and especially in the past 10 years. I guess I was somewhat ahead of the curve (as were many others, of course, including all 3 of my readers)  in recognizing this problem, but it seems to have caught populist fire in the past few weeks, and the fire is beginning to rage out of control. 

Consider this short damning video from Denzel Washington, a cultural icon who cannot be attacked by the MSM because he is a) black and b) a star (either attribute alone would be insufficient protection, but taken together, he becomes untouchable by the celebrity-loving and racist-supersensitized Media):

And the topper for the morning, which I found to be more of a wake-up than my first cup of coffee, which I was drinking as I read this:

Here’s what Yours Truly posted in introduction of this piece on my very own Facebook page: 

“This is an interesting opinion piece. I have to say that the open malice of the Palin-hating infotainment industry appalled me at the time the events of 2008 were happening, but like most people the unprecedented fake news attacks on her from the all-powerful MSM were so stunning that no one knew how to counter them. In effect, the anti-Palin “narratives” (which is media-speak for “made-up story”) were so egregious that they triggered a surge of support for alternative media sources. One could say that the media’s unfounded excoriation of Palin fanned the flames of the alt-right news movement, and ensured the election of Donald Trump.”

Now, I’m not saying that three solid “hit pieces” against the MSM constitutes a groundswell. I’m not saying that I think anything is going to change… yet. But I am saying… yet

I believe that the Boardrooms of the news networks are in chaos. Their ratings are in free-fall, and all the bullsh!t they’ve been putting out to try to release their reserve chutes–like attempting to blacklist all the conservative news sites on the internet as “fake news”–is nothing more than a sign that they are in a blind panic. Like the man who is trying to shoot the police coming to arrest him, but his empty revolver won’t fire, and just keeps pulling the trigger again and again and again—click-click-click–the MSM keeps trying to use the same ugly tools it’s been using for years, and they can’t believe that it’s not working. 

I sincerely hope we are going to see a reprise of the Terror of the French Revolution in the news media over the next few months… a virtual Reign of Terror, in which producers and editors, newswriters and talking heads, are called to account by their Boards and fired ignominiously for their abject failure to adhere to anything resembling a journalistic ethic and their duty to report the truth. Please understand that I am not calling for the actual cutting off of people’s heads here, my friends. But lest some undereducated Snowflake social justice warrior read this and misinterpret my intent, I am calling for the figurative beheading of all the TV news networks, and many of the nation’s most egregiously left-leaning and egregiously socialist-run newspapers.  

“If it bleeds, it leads”, and “first with the worst” have been bywords for over a century in the parlance of Established Journalism in their criticism of the tabloids and yellow journalism. But it’s increasingly apparent in 2016 that yellow journalism has become mainstream, and there are no real journalists left. Or are there? Somewhere out there, is there still an honest news reporter who actually wants to report the truth on national issues? 

I don’t know how this is going to get fixed, but I do know who is going to fix it (the news corporation Boards). And I do predict it will be fixed. 

And keep in mind, boys and girls, when you read that prediction… that I am one of those who predicted that Hillary would go down in flames even in the deepest, darkest days of the recent election campaign. 

Who’s your daddy… <wink>