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August Update

Too much time has passed since my last entry. Sorry about that.

For reasons I can’t explain, there has been a significant upsurge in website activity and interest in Tactical Anatomy classes in the past few weeks. We’re looking at classes in Wisconsin and Minnesota this winter, and there may be options opening up in Georgia and Texas as well. Keep an eye on this webpage for updates.

My summer has been exceedingly busy with preparations for my move to Texas. I have most of my goods in a storage container as I wait for my final release from my contract here in Wisconsin in September, and in the meantime am living out of a few boxes and suitcases, so book shipments were suspended for about a month while I searched for an eventually found my inventory in the back of the (exceedingly hot and stuffy) steel storage/shipping container. I am now able to ship books again, and I apologize to all who had to wait excessively long for their orders.

We also just completed the 11th annual Wisconsin IDPA championship match, which I am sad to say was my last as Area Coordinator. I am really proud of the fantastic job the IDPA guys and gals in the Badger State have done once again, and look forward to coming back as an out-of-state competitor in the future. When I return next August, I won’t have been hampered by moving considerations and will actually be able to practice enough to not embarass myself in the final standings!

A second edition of my book is in the works. I will be updating all the photos, and I have rewritten and expanded several chapters of the book, including a much larger section on computer simulations in TAS training. Those of you who may have taken TAS training in the past year or so, particularly the Deadly Force Decisions class I team-teach with longtime training partner David Maglio, are aware of how much we have shifted the emphasis in TAS classes to incorporate this phenomenal instructional tool.  Having our own MILO system on had has made this technology much more practically useful, as I am no longer dependent on whatever equipment and software the host agency/tech college has on hand. And as it happens, the stronger relationship with IES (MILO’s manufacturer) has led to a software development program in progress which is intended to develop a library of civilian/plainclothes CCW deadly force training scenarios for LEO and non-LEO training use. More on this development as we approach production. 

We also have acquired a full set of SIMUNITION gear for advanced training in TAS concepts using state-of-the-art force-on-force gear. It has taken some time to get our scenarios and training parameters up and running, but at this time I’m comfortable with taking this training out of the back room and into the display window, as it were. David Maglio (SIMUNITION-certified instructor) has been instrumental in getting this instructional program whipped into final form.

As always, I am wide open to hearing from persons interested in hosting Tactical Anatomy training classes in their area. Given our equipment acquisitions, we are no longer limited to law enforcement academy and police agency facilities for training. Call me and let me know if you want to host a class!


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