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God bless Texas. 

And no, I don’t write that in the flip way so many people use the phrase…. offhand, reflexive, expressing the sentiment and the rhythm and almost-rhyme of the phrase, but not really meaning it. 

I mean it when I say it. I say it as a prayer. Yes, I believe in God, and in Jesus of Nazareth, the risen savior of the world. I don’t beat folks over the head with it, but I believe it in my heart and bones. So when I say, “God bless Texas”, I say it to anyone in earshot, but primarily I say it to God. Asking God to keep on blessing this amazing place and these amazing people. 

I am a Texan, and I thank God for that, too. As the saying goes, “Texas: I wasn’t born here, but I got here as fast as I could.” I, and millions of other Texans, are immigrants to this great state, and for good reason. We didn’t move here because it was a toss-up between here, or California, or Florida, or Alabama… we moved here because Texas has become the shining example to the rest of America of the indisputable values that America great to begin with. 

Texas is traditional America personified and with the authority of statehood. Texas encourages business, and businesses thrive here because of it. Texas rejoices in personal financial success of its 28 million citizens by not imposing a state income tax on their hard-earned dollars. And contrary to the bigoted views of east coast and west coast liberals, Texas is a racially and socially diverse state that takes damn good care of its citizens with laws that actually have some commonsense basis in the values that America was founded on. 

Texas is about living well, and living right. Texas is about letting others get on with their lives even if they’re different. Again, despite the stereotypes perpetuated by echo-chamber coastal journalism, Texas is not a backward place where people of color fear for their lives from the Klan or any other boogeyman. 

I’m writing this piece this morning at the airport in Corpus Christi, Texas, waiting to board a flight for Nevada (one of my other favorite states). Tomorrow I will be teaching a Shooting With Xray Vision class to a group of Nevada law enforcement folks. Yesterday I was working up in my old home town in west Texas, where I had lunch with the chief deputy of the county Sheriff’s Office, and we discussed that county’s plans to train a select group of teachers in their school district to carry firearms in their schools for the defense of their children (and they might want TAS to come in and assist in that training). So I had two red-letter days on my mind here  when I got to the airport, and I was already in a really good mood when I walked into the airport store where they sell magazines and books and sundries. 

But it got better. When I approached the magazine rack, there was a plethora of gun magazines. I don’t mean the usual cou8ple-three “outdoors” magazines you find in most airport newsstands. I mean that out of the 80 or so magazines on that huge rack, 12 were gun and/or hunting magazines. I bought the new editions of Guns of the West, Lands & Grooves, Garden & Gun, and Western Horse & Gun. 

Now, there’s something important about these four magazines, in case you haven’t seen a copy. These are all upscale magazines. I don’t mean “upscale” in the sense of Gray’s Sporting Journal or Shooting Sportsman, which are fine and well-established magazines. No, these new magazines that are clearly targeting a market that the mainstream media is trying to pretend doesn’t exist: people who have (or aspire to) wealth, who believe in the core values of America, and who are unashamed of their enthusiasm for firearms. These magazines are aimed at family men, business leaders, and women as much as men. (If there is one trend in the past decade that bears closer scrutiny, it’s the surging interest in firearms and shooting among women… mark my words, female gun-owners and shooters are going to be the demographic that finally kills the anti-gunners’ agenda in America.)

The MSM wants America to believe the stereotype of the white beer-gut ignoramus redneck male as the typical gun owner. They want to dehumanize gun people… actually, they have to dehumanize us, because it’s only by dehumanizing us that they can generate the hatred of us in their readers and viewers that they have themselves. Pejorative names and shallow stereotypes were crucial tools of propagandists in WW1 and WW2, when the Germans were called Heinies and Krauts in Britain, the Japanese were called Slopes or Nips in America, and cartoon caricatures of big-nose evil-looking Jews were used to fan the flames of anti-semitism Germany. And that is exactly what the liberal media is trying to do with us today.

If you dehumanize the people you fear, it’s easier to hate them. And that is what the MSM is trying to do to us, the people who own and carry and shoot firearms. 

But it ain’t working here in Texas. Here in Texas we embrace the “gun culture”, because it’s our culture, and guns are only a part of it. And it ain’t working in large segments of “flyover country” in Ohio and Iowa and Nebraska and Utah, and most of the other non-coastal states. Here, in the real America, we know guns are tools and symbols of free men and women.  

So, I say again: God bless Texas. And God bless all of my fellow gun-owning Americans who share the rock-solid American values that make Texas and America  great. 

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Hillary Clinton’s Health Deteriorating?

I have long suspected Hillary Clinton suffered a serious brain injury when she suffered her “concussion” several years ago. Not on the basis of any third-hand rumors or innuendoes, but on the basis of my knowledge of brain injury as a certified MD concussion specialist. 

Hillary had to take 6 months off after her fall and brain injury, and even then her alleged husband (partner-in-crime would be a more appropriate title, I think) Bill Clinton commented in an interview that she was still far from being back to normal, even after 6 months of rehab and recovery. 

In the past several months the media (well, some of the media, just not the major networks, who appear to be in bed with the Clintons)  have published video of unusual motor activity strongly suggestive of seizure activity. Check out these video clips and see for yourself:

The article is clearly a biased anti-Hillary hit piece, and as such I do not endorse it. But the series of photos and videos is, in my opinion as a medical doctor with 20 years of experience diagnosing and treating Cerebral Concussion and its aftereffects, strongly suggestive of a serious permanent brain injury. 

Is this a problem? Well, in most doctors’ opinions, the answer would be a resounding “YES!!!”  If Hillary is having seizures, she must be under the care of a neurologist and must be on anti-seizure medications. But she is still having seizures despite the medication. So by definition she has an uncontrolled seizure disorder. This has HUGE implications. 

Speaking as a medical doctors: if I have a patient under my care who is having uncontrolled seizures, in most states I am required to notify the DMV and have that patient’s driver’s license suspended. Now, think about what that means. It means that most Americans recognize that a person who has unpredictable seizures should not be allowed to be in control of a large, potentially dangerous machine because loss of control could happen at any time, and people could be hurt or killed. 

So I am obligated to inform my patient that she may no longer drive, and that I am required to report her medical problem to the authorities. Now, I will also tell the patient several other things that will help her not have more seizures. For instance, drinking alcohol will increase the likelihood of another seizure. Also, increased “stress” in her life will most likely trigger more seizures. In fact, most people with serious seizure disorders that can’t be controlled with medication have to scale back their activity and stress levels to the point of being unemployable. 

I don’t know about you, but I would think that the stresses of running a campaign for the Presidency of the United States would be incompatible with the best medical practice for management of a patient’s seizure disorder. In other words, if Hillary is in fact having seizures, her doctor(s) are committing an act that most doctors would consider malpractice by allowing her to run for office. 

I’m sure the truth will come out on this issue. Whether it will lead to her disqualification is anybody’s guess, though… after all, the Clintons have apparently bought off almost every critic Hillary has, and the Clinton voters clearly aren’t interested in any of the egregious facts about Mrs. Clinton, so it’s all up in the air. 

I’m frankly surprised she has survived (politically and in terms of her precarious health) this far!

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Dr. James Williams

The Tactical Anatomy Systems™ training programs were developed by James S. Williams, M.D. in response to a perceived need for more effective shot placement in police shootings, and for more effective combat medical care. Dr. Williams used his experience as a hunter and a competitive shooter in conjunction with his extensive trauma medicine experience to develop the Tactical Anatomy model, targets, and instructional systems. He has a wealth of firearms training experience and is an NRA-certified instructor.

Dr. Williams is a fulltime emergency physician with Emergency Department and Intensive Care Unit experience in Canada and the United States, and currently is Medical Director of Emergency Medicine at a rural hospital in west Texas. He served as Medical Officer for the City of Ripon WI Police Department for ten years, and as Medical Officer and SWAT Team member of the Waupaca County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team as well. An experienced competitive shooter in smallbore pistol, combat pistol (Wisconsin IDPA Revolver State Champion, 2001, 2005, and 2009), trap, and sporting clays, Dr. Williams brings a unique blend of medical and firearms experience to the field. He is an NRA certified firearms instructor and a Staff Instructor with Massad Ayoob Group.

Dr. Williams’ background is also unique in that he had 8 years experience as a public school teacher before returning to university to take his medical degree, as well as several years experience teaching at the college/university level. He had experience in curriculum development during his teaching tenure, which helped him gain the insight needed to develop the Tactical Anatomy three-dimensional visualization training program.  His classes are highly interactive, profoundly informative and uniquely formatted to maximize learning.

Dr. Williams is a member of IALEFI, ILEETA, and was a member of ASLET until that organization’s demise.  He has been a speaker at law enforcement meetings around the U.S., including the annual ASLET International Conventions (2003-2006), ILEETA 2008-2010, and IALEFI 2006-2009 as well as being the keynote speaker at the IALEFI Annual Training Conference in 2007. In addition to these major conferences, he regularly speaks and trains at smaller law enforcement conferences around the country.




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Welcome Article

Doc Teaching

Tactical Anatomy is an innovative approach to marksmanship that has begun to revolutionize law enforcement firearms training. Developed over years with input from the police firearms training community, Tactical Anatomy training is primarily designed to enable police firearms instructors to teach anatomically effective marksmanship skills to recruits, SWAT teams, and patrol officers. But we recognize that lawfully armed citizens of all stripes have the right to access this training, so we offer civilian classes as well.

Tactical Anatomy Systems™ isn’t just trying to sell a “new” target or hardware system. Our Shooting With Xray Vision course, which has been adopted as standard training by dozens of police organizations in the United States and Canada, represents a truly original approach to deadly force training that will maximize your officers’ likelihood of not only surviving, but winning any deadly force scenario.

Tactical Anatomy training is a system that utilizes proven principles of adult learning theory to yield rapid, retainable skills resulting in dramatically improved performance in Officer-Involved Shootings. We train law enforcement officers in the critical anatomic zones of the human body, and how to visualize these vital zones in 3 dimensions from any angle of presentation. Then we teach them how to bridge the gap between 2-dimensional range firearms competency and the 3-dimensional anatomy of the human body.

This allows them to make anatomically effective placement of their shots from any angle: rapidly, accurately, and reproducibly. By knowing where to place their shots for rapid incapacitation of the offender, officers can terminate deadly force encounters decisively. Swift conclusion of a gunfight means fewer shots fired by the offender, which means reduced risk to law enforcement personnel and to bystanders.

In documented Officer-Involved Shootings by SXRV-trained officers since 2003, results have been overwhelmingly favorable. You owe it to your agency, yourself, and your loved ones to adopt the skills that Tactical Anatomy Systems has trained thousands of law enforcement professionals in.