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December Ramblings

I apologize for the gap in blog entries since my Thanksgiving post.

So, anyway… Lisa (my webmaster) scrunched my TAS Skull Guy with my favorite Overloaded-AR pic and hung some Christmas lights on it, and I think it looks pretty damn festive! (Nothing like a skeletal zombie with a Santa cap and locked-and-loaded AR to remind you of the Yuletide spirit, right?). Then she hung some falling snowflakes for me. Not too shabby! Only problem is, since we activated my website snowflakes, we’ve had 18 freakin’ inches of snow in East Central Wisconsin!  (Coincidence? …. or psychic phenomenon?)

Yeah, right. This is Wisconsin. It snows here. A LOT. Let’s move on.

Training issues are paramount right now. We are reading a LOT of stuff from people in the Sandbox and in Intel that suggest that there will be terrorist activity inside the CONUS sooner rather than later. Our recent presidential election  has encouraged the Hadjis to believe that our response to terrorism will be muted, if not null and void. Who knows? I will state at the outset that I have zero confidence in Barry Obama’s ability to lead American warriors. Zero.

Anyway, my greatest concern, as always, is training our Good Guys where to place their bullets so they can terminate the fight as early as possible. This is not an academic exercise. I repeat: THIS IS NOT AN ACADEMIC EXERCISE. 

I have been a hunter my entire life. At no time in my hunting career did any of my mentors tell me that it was OK just to wound or cripple an animal. Why not? Because they knew that a crippled or wounded animal would live on and it would be harder to harvest. And while I have limited personal experience in hunting dangerous game (i.e., animals that fight back more often than not unless incapacitated early in the fight), the imperative is clearly to put your quarry down before he puts you down.  Well, guess what. If we train LE/Military personnel to just shoot a Hadji anywhere, as we are apparently doing, we are going to have the same damn problem.

What we have to do is train our people to shoot the "good stuff". It’s not an academic exercise. It’s survival training.

If your survival depends on you killing a moose for your winter’s meat, learning to kill moose is survival training. I learned almost 30 years ago where the vital anatomy is in a bull moose, and that a bull moose will provide more than enough meat for a young family for a year. Such food surplus may make the difference between survival an annihilation. If your survival depends upon you killing the predator before he kills and eats you and your family, that’s an imperative of a higher order.

If your survival depends on dropping Hadjis to the turf, it’s survival training of a different sort, but it’s still survival training.  Either way, you need to learn how to place your shots where they need to go. This is what Tactical Anatomy is all about.

Two weeks ago a gang of lowlife Hadji scum terrorized Bombay, India (sorry, for you politically correct types, that would be Mumbai), wounding and killing hundreds of people. No disrespect intended, but the cops who responded to the call were woefully inadequately equpped to deal with the problem. They lacked the training, the weapons, the ammo, the comms, the… you name it. 

Could that happen here in America? You bet it could. Do we have the means to defeat such attacks? Perhaps. Fewer than 40% of American police patrol cars have rifles in them. From what I am aware, fewer than 10% of American patrol cops have training in fighting with their patrol rifles. And NO ONE is training American cops in any kind of two-man team fighting, the kind of fighting the Bombay cops desperately needed. There are people ready to start that training, and moreover, there are trainers ready to conduct that training.

Learn what you need to learn.

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