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News & A New Affiliation

I’m sorry about the gaps in my blog entries so far this year… 2009 has been an extremely busy year for me on several fronts. In addition to my clinical duties in my ER–which have been greater than usual due to an ER doc shortage–I’ve had significant admin duties as ED Director, plus I’m trying to get a concussion assessment program implemented for our local schools’ athletic departments. That, in addition to some big changes at home, have kept me away from the computer.

I had to order a reprinting of the Tactical Anatomy Instructor Manual in February. This caused some delays in shipping to some of you, which I apologize for. Unfortunately, my office staff consists of me, myself, and I… and one of us failed to notice the dwindling inventory. But we have received the new books, and will re-commence shipping tomorrow, (3/16/09). Our inventory of Tactical Anatomy T-shirts also bottomed out in February. Re-printing of the t-shirts has been complicated by some minor design changes that needed to be made, which is going to delay availability until early April at the earliest. I ask anyone who has t-shirts on backorder to watch this blog page… I think I’ve got everyone’s orders safely tucked away in a file folder, but if you are backorder and don’t receive a shirt within a week of seeing the "available" announcement here, give me a shout.

I’m pleased to announce that I have been invited to join the Waupaca County Sheriff’s Department as Medical Officer and Special Deputy. Sheriff Brad Hardel and Chief Deputy Al Kraeger have asked me to provide training for the department in "Shooting With X-ray Vision", which I am eager to do. (I have this thing about making sure that the LEOs who patrol where I live/work are as highly trained as they can be.) I will also be joining WCSD’s SWAT team and providing them with battlefield medic training, as well as being available for SWAT call-outs. This means I’m going to have to purchase a hi-capacity .45 ACP sidearm to match the Department’s new SIGSAUER P220’s. Those of you who have shot with me know how much of a hardship it’s going to be for me to switch from .40 S&W to .45 Auto!  <evil grin>

Recent speaking engagements here in Wisconsin (including the semi-annual LEOTA meeting in Green Bay last month) have pushed me to try to schedule "Shooting With X-ray Vision" classes for both law enforcement and civilian personnel in the latter half of 2009. We will be offering a 2-day Advanced class for LEOs in conjunction with Milwaukee P.D. some time in the fall, and we may also run a 1-day Basic class at Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department as well. After the success of the first Civilian class we held last November, there has been a groundswell of interest from civilians in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois for another 1-day Civilian class. Timing is everything here, but I’m looking probably at early September for this class, to be held somewhere north or west of Chicago. Al Grossman of Tactical Shot Training will be hosting the class, and as soon as I have more information on where and when the class will be held, I’ll get the registration process set up here at

Feedback on classes is vital, folks. Please email me with questions, or make comments here on the webpage if you want to see more training programs, etc. I’m open to suggestions.




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