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Shooting with Xray Vision (SXRV)


This class was developed to train law enforcement personnel in anatomically effective targeting in an Officer Involved Shooting. In other words, we teach cops where to place their bullets for optimum results.

This class gives cops the tools they need to visualize vital human anatomy in 3 dimensions from any presentation or angle. In the past ten years thousands of officers have been trained in SXRV, and reports from these officers and departments tell us that SXRV-trained officers are stopping their opponents more quickly, fewer officers are taking return fire, and round accountability is drastically increased.

SXRV is designed to give any officer or firearms trainer the tools he or she needs to not only shoot more effectively, but to train others in the system with a minimum of expense to the department.

Topics covered in this class include:

• Ethics and U.S. case law of use of deadly force

• Terminal ballistics

• Gunshot wounds and incapacitation

• Vital human anatomy and physiology

• Practical classroom training in 3D visualization

• Simulated and/or live fire 3D targeting

This is an 8-hour class and is POST-certified in several states. Attendees should bring a notebook, colored markers, duty belt with sidearm, and 250 rounds of ammunition.

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