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SXRV “Express” Class, Saukville WI 5/23/14

We will be holding a special “express” version of our flagship Shooting With Xray Vision class at the Saukville WI Police Department on May 23, from 5 pm to 11 pm. This class will cover ALL of the same core classroom material I cover in the regular class, the only difference is there will be no live-fire training. 

SXRV is the original “deadlier force” course, developed over 15 years ago and taught to thousands of police and military personnel in the USA and abroad since then. I have distilled the thousands of hours spent in research and training I’ve done over the years into this class. There is simply no other course anywhere that can teach you what you’ll learn in SXRV.

People who have put this training to use in actual officer-involved shootings and defensive shootings have experienced extremely positive and victorious outcomes again and again. I’ll share some of those stories with you in class, if you’re interested. 

Topics to be covered in this class will include:  ethics of use of deadly force; US case law in use of deadly force; practical terminal ballistics; gunshot wounds and incapacitation; review of vital human anatomy and physiology; and training in 3D anatomic visualization and targeting. This is a rare opportunity to take this training, I am only teaching this class twice in 2014 and only once in Wisconsin.  

Attendees will need to bring a notebook and pen/pencil, and colored markers (black, red, and blue). 

Tuition is reduced for this class at $100.00 per person. Please do NOT try to register for this class through this website. To register, send me an email at, and I’ll send you a registration form which will need to be mailed in with your check. 

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