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Tactical Anatomy Training Calendar 2016 Shaping Up

It looks like we may be having a busier training year in 2016. Arrangements are still pending, but I hope to have a calendar posted by mid-February. In the meantime, I’ll put out some dates, both tentative and confirmed.

First, the confirmed dates:  we are hosting David Maglio of Massad Ayoob Group for a MAG-20 Range class on April 2-3, in San Angelo, TX. This is the entry-level class for all Massad Ayoob Group courses, but aside from that it is an excellent basic defensive pistol course and it’s being taught by one of the best shooting instructors in the business. David is a charismatic and engaging instructor with instructor credentials out the wazoo, both in law enforcement and civilian circles. I encourage anyone with a Texas CHL license to take this class… we call it “basic” pistol training, but you’ll learn a tremendous amount of practical pistol technique in this school and when you complete the Qualifier course of fire at the end of the class, you’ll have new-found confidence in your ability to defend your life with your handgun.


I am planning to bring in Massad Ayoob next fall/winter to teach the classroom half of his MAG-40 class. MAG-20 Range plus his Armed Citizens Rules of Engagement class, when taken together, make up the flagship course he’s been teaching since the 1980’s (used to be called LFI-1). In my considered opinion as a deadly force instructor for civilian, law enforcement, and military personnel myself, I consider MAG-40 to be the most complete deadly force training program available to civilians anywhere in the USA. If you want to get this training in your shooter’s resume, I strongly encourage you to take MAG-20 with us in April. 

I’ve been saying this for almost 20 years: anyone who keeps a handgun for personal defense NEEDS to take  MAG-40. It’s simply the best class out there for winning the deadly force encounter AND winning the legal and financial battles that will inevitably follow if you should have to take an attacker’s life in defense of your own. 

Now, on to as-yet unscheduled classes. 

First, we will be holding a combined Shooting With Xray Vision plus Combat Lifesaver class in Saukville WI some time in May or June. I do not offer Combat Lifesaver as a stand-alone class any more; you MUST take SXRV as a prerequisite for the tactical medicine class. If you have taken SXRV in the past, you will be able to register in CL alone, but if you do not have a SXRV certificate, you must take both classes. Tuition for the combined class is $350, and for qualified students the tuition for CL alone is $200. 

Second, I am working with Karl Rehn of KR Training out of Giddings, TX, to offer the same package in April or October. Same particulars apply for this class. 

Third, we will be offering a SXRV class in San Angelo, TX, some time this fall. Dates TBA. Tuition is $175. 

In addition to the above, I have plans to attend both the ILEETA conference in Chicagoland in March, and the IALEFI annual meeting in June. Cops take note. 


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