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Welcome to our upgraded website!

Well, we finally went live with the website upgrade today, and I’m feeling really good about that! 

This upgrade will make registering for classes MUCH easier online, and we will soon have digital downloads available on the website as well, including a digital version of the Tactical Anatomy Instructor Manual (1st edition). I’ve been reaaaalllllllyyyy busy with some hard Real Life issues for the past few months (no, none of which involve Medical Malpractice or criminal charges, LOL), which has taken away from my time on the rewrite of the Manual, but rest assured that by autumn (or what passes for autumn down here in the west Texas mesquite brush!) the 2nd edition will be available. 

The 2nd edition will contain all of the good stuff folks have come to know and love in the 1st edition, but will have new text chapters on Adult Learning Theory for the firearms instructor, range training drills for live fire and NLTA (SIMS and Airsoft), as well as an update on MILO scenarios shot using Tactical Anatomy hit zones, and how to use them. I think a LOT of folks will be interested in the chapter I’m currently writing, which consists of reports of successful real-time, real-world shootings by LE/military personnel who used their SXRV training to bring their deadly force situation to a swift and righteous conclusion. I’m considering including a chapter touching on the basics of Tactical Treatment of Gunshot Wounds as well, but it remains to be seen whether I can get that down to a manageable size. If I can’t, I’m just gonna have to make it its own book.

Changes in the printing/publishing industry are forcing us all toward a new paradigm. I will not be printing any more copies of the 1st edtion of the Tactical Anatomy Instructor Manual, because costs are prohibitive and there are simply much better ways of getting this information out to folks who need it. The 2nd edition will be available in two formats: as a digital download direct from the TAS website, or as print-on-demand hard copy book available from an internet publisher. Both will be cheaper than the current sale price, because I won’t have to be eating the obscene costs of printing these books myself as I have been doing since 2006.

I promise you I am working as hard as I can to get this second edition up and available for y’all, but like I said, Real Life intrudes mightily on me at present so I can’t promise a specific deadline. 

As for folks waiting for their member status to be approved… Now that we have the new website up, you will be getting some good news soon. There’s a ton of y’all, though, so it may take me a week or two. I review every membership application personally, and that takes time. Please be patient and I’ll get it done as fast as I can.  

On another e-front, I’m in the process of putting together some video downloads as well, which will come online as production moves forward. I’m a neophyte in the world of Youtube, but it seems that folks want to see prospective instructors in action before they plunk down their hard-earned cash for a class, which is totally reasonable as far as I’m concerned. There are so many jackasses out there selling ridiculous “training” that is as likely to get you killed or prosecuted (and always fleeced) that I believe it behooves anyone wanting to advance his deadly force skillset to seriously check my training out. So I’m going to be putting out a few Youtube videos in the next few months, which will also be available here on the TAS website once I get them produced. 

Please be warned… the first couple of videos are gonna be rough. I’ve been recording them on my iPhone, and using editing software to put them together. Whenever I get a few days off ER call and have respite from my Real Life issues, I’ll be driving into Town where Best Buy lives to buy a decent digital video camera. Until then, it’s gonna be grainy and edgy… but I hope the message will be clear enough. 

In other news, we are a GO for both SXRV classes in Saukville, WI, on July 12 and 13. Class registration is limited and filling fast, so do NOT delay if you want to sign up. I can’t take more than 30 people per class. 

OK. That’s about all I have to say about that, as Forrest Gump would say.

Tactical is as tactical does, it doesn’t matter a damn what color you paint your gear. Scouts out. 


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