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Tactical Anatomy 2011 Prospectus

Greetings, friends. Once again I must apologize for the long hiatus since my last entry. The events behind this pause were genuinely pressing, so much so that I despaired of a return to any semblance of normalcy. Kind of like running a canoe through a long rapids on an unknown-to-me river as a young man, when I began to wonder if I would ever see calm water again. But just as the rapids eventually spilled into a long, smooth pool, life has abruptly calmed down around me, and I foresee a lot of good and productive times ahead.

First things first: to all of you who purchased books, T-shirts, and other materials in the past 3 months, I apologize for the delay and will ship your product as soon as possible, certainly by the end of January. Books are on backorder (again!), but more exasperating, my computer’s hard drive crashed and the files that make up the CD that goes with the book were lost. Fortunately, my friend Joe at Ripon Technology was able to find and extract the lost files, and I am able to start burning CD’s again. The thought of having to rewrite all 3 of those PowerPoint files again was depressing, to say the least.

Second things second: to all of you who applied for membership on this website, I also apologize for delay in approvals. Since every application is personally reviewed by me, it takes time to ensure that everyone who joins our member group is a bona fide Good Guy/Gal. And as above, time was precious hard to find in the last quarter of 2010. Most of you will be approved before the end of the present week, I expect. Again, thanks for your patience.

So, now: what news from Tactical Anatomy?

Training dollars are tight, and we had to cancel or cut back several classes in late 2010. At this point I have 3 tentative Shooting With Xray Vision seminars on the books, but nothing confirmed. We are hosting several outside trainers in Saukville, and continue to offer our Deadly Force Decisions class there. We will be offering at least one Tactical Treatment of Gunshot Wounds course for civilians this spring, so watch for the announcement. I will be speaking again this year at the annual ILEETA conference in Wheeling, IL, and anticipate at IALEFI this year as well.


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