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Tactical Anatomy Systems™ resources are provided in a variety of forms to suit your agency’s needs and means. Although we sell Tactical Anatomy targets, t-shirts and Instructor Manual, we strongly recommend that you have us train your firearms instructors in the use of the system first. See our TRAINING page for dates of upcoming classes, or contact us to arrange a class dedicated to your personnel.

Tactical Anatomy Instructor Manual

This Manual was written by Dr. Williams based on his experience training officers in the Tactical Anatomy Systems™ Shooting With Xray Vision method. It is intended to give any law enforcement or military firearms instructor the material he needs to teach three-dimensional target visualization to his personnel. Designed to be a ‘turn-key’ package, the manual consists of a 127-page full-color printed textbook and a CD-ROM with three dynamic PowerPoint slide presentations. The Manual is broken down into 5 lesson plans, with supplementary and background material to aid the instructor in presenting the lessons to his classes.

While the original Tactical Anatomy training system was designed to be an 8-hour class that would take trainees from ground zero to full 3D visualization–and this can still be done–the Manual provides options that allow the instructor to go with a half-day (4-hr) introductory course, a full-day (8-hr) basic course, or a two day (16-hr) advanced course.

The Manual begins with Dr. Williams’ Introduction to the principles and theory of Adult Learning, and gives a strong treatment on the safety considerations the instructor must build into his lesson plans to ensure safe and effective learning.

The body of the Manual is broken down into five separate lessons:

Lesson 1, ‘Rationale’.

  • Explains why traditional ‘square-range’ training is failing to prepare personnel for real-world firearms combat
  • Ethics of the use of deadly force
  • Realities of gunshot wounding and incapacitation
  • Dynamic realities of gunfights
  • How 3D target visualization is a vital aid to gunfight supremacy

Lesson 2, ‘Building an Anatomic Model’

  • is a step-by-step guide–complete with 53 full-color illustrations–to guide the instructor in building a three-dimensional anatomy model in the classroom in less than an hour.
  • Supported by two PowerPoint presentations on the CD-ROM for the instructor to use as his teaching resources
  • This lesson gives the instructor all the information he needs to bring 3D anatomy to life in the classroom.

Lesson 3, ‘Laser Sight Exercise’

  • The first step in translating 2D visualization to 3D visualization in the trainees’ mind’s eye.
  • Innovative laser sighting methodology.
  • Includes lesson plan, tips and techniques for the instructor.

Lesson 4, ‘Force on Force Exercises’

  • Actually two lessons in one.
  • Computer simulator training scenarios (FATS, MILO, etc.)
  • Force-on-force / reality based training (RBT) exercises using non-lethal training ammunition (NLTA) such as SIMUNITION.
  • The two components of Lesson 4 may be stacked, or taught separately as stand-alone modules.
  • Depending on class size and resources available, this lesson provides instructional options to branch out into a two-day class if time and resources permit.

Lesson 5, ‘After Action Review’

  • A guide to consolidating your trainees’ learning at the end of the day.
  • Safety and ‘homework’ issues are hard-wired.

The manual is priced at $59.95 plus $5.00 S&H. International orders please add Overseas Shipping to your order.

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Tactical Anatomy Systems™ Training Targets

While 3D visualization is the core of the Tactical Anatomy Systems™ training philosophy, we recognize that a simpler and more economical target has its place. This is why we are introducing our paper target series. These targets are high-quality photo reproductions of an armed adversary with the vital hit zones outlined in low-contrast color. Each target set includes one each of the basic angles of presentation: frontal, left oblique, right oblique, left lateral, right lateral, and posterior.

We anticipate availability of these targets in early 2009. Keep this page bookmarked until then.

Tactical Anatomy Training T-shirts

The Tactical Anatomy t-shirt is not a target, but a training aid. These are high-quality cotton t-shirts with durable silk-screened printing. The high-contrast version, suitable for classroom use or under a covering garment on the sims range, are blue-on-natural.  The low-contrast version is available in light tan printing on a natural cotton shirt but can be printed in any color combination on special order.

Standard versions of the Tactical Anatomy t-shirt are available at $15. Discounts are available for larger volume orders. Please call for pricing on orders over 50 shirts.

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Tactical Anatomy HRT Target

Currently in prototype only, we are partnering with manufacturers to bring a realistic and durable  HRT (head) target to meet the needs of SWAT/sniper law enforcement teams. Specifications include high ballistic tolerance (able to stand up to at least 100 rounds of .308 ball ammunition), ease of use, and instantaneous verification of each hit in the vital brainstem zone of incapacitation.

Check back on our website soon for information on availability and pricing.

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What is?

Peace officers in America are required by exigent circumstances to use their duty firearms against armed and aggressive criminals every day of the year. Although each individual officer hopes to never have to use his weapon in the line of duty, we train our personnel for just such an eventuality.

Unfortunately, statistics tell us that the effectiveness of police marksmanship in armed encounters is not as high as it could be, and as a result, good men and women are being injured or even killed in the line of duty. Armed criminals who have taken less than effective fire are not incapacitated and as a result are able to return fire on police officers, sometimes with disastrous results.

While touting qualification scores in the 80% range or better, most law enforcement agencies document OIS handgun hit ratios between 9% and 65%, depending on agency and conditions. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that there is a critical gap between firearms training and OIS performance.

Standard targets used by most police forces for training and routine firearms qualification have little or no correlation to the vital structures of human anatomy.  As a result, police officers often have only a vague idea of where to aim when faced with an armed, aggressive felon. They’re trained to shoot at the “center of mass”, without defining what it means. In most officers’ minds, “center of mass” translates, to “shoot somewhere in the middle”. Yet the vital anatomic structures that need to be hit in a deadly force scenario are not in “the middle”!

This middle-muddle sets up the officer for failure—failure to hit vital structures, failure to neutralize the armed attacker, and by extension, failure to protect himself and the community from a dangerous criminal.

Tactical Anatomy Systems™ offers a range of training and products specifically designed to address this critical training gap.

The centerpiece of the TAS array is the Tactical Anatomy (Shooting With Xray Vision) course. This lethal force targeting method was developed by an Emergency Physician and police Medical Officer who was tired of seeing good men and women go down in gunfights that by rights they should have won.

Tactical Anatomy Systems™ is not merely another “new” target, but is rather a system for learning to direct righteous gunfire where it can rapidly and reliably incapacitate an armed opponent. Tactical Anatomy training uses simple but accurate representations of anatomy on humanoid models. The system explains relevant anatomy in a manner that can be easily grasped by non-medical personnel.

Employing Tactical Anatomy Systems™ tools and training in the classroom, the simulator, the force-on-force shoot house, or in live fire range sessions, increases the likelihood that shots fired by your trained officers will strike where they need to and quickly finish the fight.

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Welcome Article

Doc Teaching

Tactical Anatomy is an innovative approach to marksmanship that has begun to revolutionize law enforcement firearms training. Developed over years with input from the police firearms training community, Tactical Anatomy training is primarily designed to enable police firearms instructors to teach anatomically effective marksmanship skills to recruits, SWAT teams, and patrol officers. But we recognize that lawfully armed citizens of all stripes have the right to access this training, so we offer civilian classes as well.

Tactical Anatomy Systems™ isn’t just trying to sell a “new” target or hardware system. Our Shooting With Xray Vision course, which has been adopted as standard training by dozens of police organizations in the United States and Canada, represents a truly original approach to deadly force training that will maximize your officers’ likelihood of not only surviving, but winning any deadly force scenario.

Tactical Anatomy training is a system that utilizes proven principles of adult learning theory to yield rapid, retainable skills resulting in dramatically improved performance in Officer-Involved Shootings. We train law enforcement officers in the critical anatomic zones of the human body, and how to visualize these vital zones in 3 dimensions from any angle of presentation. Then we teach them how to bridge the gap between 2-dimensional range firearms competency and the 3-dimensional anatomy of the human body.

This allows them to make anatomically effective placement of their shots from any angle: rapidly, accurately, and reproducibly. By knowing where to place their shots for rapid incapacitation of the offender, officers can terminate deadly force encounters decisively. Swift conclusion of a gunfight means fewer shots fired by the offender, which means reduced risk to law enforcement personnel and to bystanders.

In documented Officer-Involved Shootings by SXRV-trained officers since 2003, results have been overwhelmingly favorable. You owe it to your agency, yourself, and your loved ones to adopt the skills that Tactical Anatomy Systems has trained thousands of law enforcement professionals in.