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August Update

Friends, I must apologize for my lack of attention to the website for the past several months. I am looking into hiring a part-time webminder who can provide updates and do site maintenance for me, since I clearly am juggling too many chainsaws as it is. 

First thing, in response to all the emails: Yes, we are holding CLASSES IN LIVE OAK FLORIDA in October!!

Sorry about the "shouting", but I wanted to get it out there. I will be teaching at a law enforcement seminar in Tallahasee that week, and in conjunction with my friends Massad Ayoob and Steve Denney we decided to piggback a couple of classes for civilians onto the trip. We will be holding an 8-hour "Shooting With Xray Vision for Civilians" class on Saturday, Oct. 23, and an 8-hour "Tactical Treatment of Gunshot Wounds" class on Sunday, Oct. 24. 

"Shooting With Xray Vision for Civilians" has proven to be a highly popular course among defensively-enabled shooters in the upper midwest over the past couple of years, and this is the first time we’re going to take it on the road. This 8-hour course is designed for the tactically/defensively-aware private citizen who has no more than the average layman’s knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, wound ballistics, and legal aspects of the use of deadly force. I STRONGLY recommend that anyone thinking of taking this class get Massad Ayoob’s MAG-20 (formerly, "Jucicious Use of Deadly Force", or LFI-I) class under their belt as soon as possible, since many of the subtleties of the use of deadly force he covers are assumed to be in the student’s memory banks prior to taking Xray Vision. In this class we will cover the political, ethical, and legal realities of the use of deadly force;  real-world gunfight realities; basics of wound ballistics; "caliber wars", or what calibers and bullets will/won’t serve you well in the real world; gunshot wounds and incapacitation;  and a comprehensive review of vital human anatomy in 3 dimension. All materials required will be supplied. Cost of this course is $150 per person.

"Tactical Treatment of Gunshot Wounds" (aka "TTGSW") is a relatively new course I developed in response to requests from several major metro police departments, and has become basic academy and inservice curriculum in several locales, most notably Metro Nashville (TN) Police Department. This 8-hour class is designed to give the layman a basic but highly useful approach to assessing, treating, and stabilizing injuries due to GSWs and other violent major trauma. We will cover the major traumatic threats to survival in a battlefield environment: catastrophic extremity hemmorhage, and ventilatory failure (tension pneumothorax, flail chest, "sucking chest wound", airway obstruction). We will cover the basic but highly effective techniques used to address these problems, including use of tourniquets, battlefield dressings (eg, Israeli Battle Dressing, etc), oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal airways, needle thoracostomy, and Asherman chest seal. Attendees will receive detailed information on the recommended components for a basic personal "blowout kit", as well as recommended components of a major trauma team kit, and supplier information. We will also cover theory and practice of treatment of major trauma in the "hot zone", extrication techniques, and will round out the day with "Mega-Code" exercises utilizing simulated battle wounds under live-fire conditions. All medical equipment and materials will be supplied. Students will need to bring a serviceable handgun and/or rifle with 100 rounds of ammunition per firearm, as well as standard eye and ear protection. Cost for this course is $150 per person. 

Attendance at either of the above classes requires advance registration and payment through the website. Online registration should be up and running by 8/25, or I’ll be hunting down my webmaster with my 338 Lapua…  But seriously, it will be in place shortly. All registrants MUST provide a copy of their bona fides (a valid CCW license, LE ID card, or letter from an Officer of the Court attesting to one’s good character and lack of criminal convictions) prior to class. No one will be permitted to attend these classes without documentation proving you’re a genuine Good Guy/Good Girl. 

Students enrolling in both classes will get a $50 break on the total price ($250/person for both days). 

We also have plans in place to conduct a Law Enforcement-only Shooting With Xray Vision class on Friday, Oct. 22. If you’re LE or active military and want to access that class, contact myself through this website or Steve Denney (, 386-364-4867)  in Live Oak and let us know. We’ll give you the goods once we establish comms. 

See y’all in Live Oak. 

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