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Battlefield Trauma Care – Nashville March 11

Tactical medicine has become a buzzword in the law enforcement community in the past few years… but like many new concepts, it means different things to different people. Depending on who you take the class from and where, the curriculum can vary enormously, and the quality of the instruction can be anything from cutting edge to dull and disinterested.

Tactical Anatomy SystemsTM is offering our basic (4-hr) Battlefield Trauma Care class in conjunction with our Advanced Instructor class in Nashville on March 11. This class was developed over several years taking into account my training and experience as a certified Emergency Physician, EMS Medical Director, and after taking the tactical medicine classes offered by colleagues around the country. I am not too pround to say that as a physician I have learned a huge amount of field medicine from guys with basic medic training who have had to use their training under enemy fire.

The terms "tactical medicine" and "tactical emergency medical services" bug me… I don’t think they really tell the listener/reader what the course or discipline is about. I like "battlefield trauma care" (BTC)  or "combat trauma care" because they speak to the crux of what most of us in the TEMS field are trying to do: train non-medical personnel how to do the necessary things to survive combat trauma during the firefight and immediately thereafter.

So what does Tactical Anatomy ‘s  BTC training consist of? To be honest, it depends on how much time you allot for training, and what the level of skill and training the class has going in. My most basic BTC class is a 4-hour block that covers the basic principles of field treatment of gunshot wounds, edged weapons wounds, and blast trauma, with hands-on practical exercises in using the basic survival tools that every soldier or cop should have on hand in a violent confrontation. If we have a more advanced group with more time, we’ll go into more advanced scenario-based training incorporating simulated wounds and simulated-fire and live-fire environments. 

The next scheduled Battlefield Trauma Care class (4-hr block) on our books will be held in Nashville on March 11, 2009. Tuition is $145 and includes a basic trauma kit for each trainee. Register by clicking the caddy button below and following the instructions (credit card), or if you wish to pay by check or department purchase order, contact me through the "Contact" button on this website and I’ll email you the info you need to sign up.  

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