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Dr. James Williams

The Tactical Anatomy Systems™ training programs were developed by James S. Williams, M.D. in response to a perceived need for more effective shot placement in police shootings, and for more effective combat medical care. Dr. Williams used his experience as a hunter and a competitive shooter in conjunction with his extensive trauma medicine experience to develop the Tactical Anatomy model, targets, and instructional systems. He has a wealth of firearms training experience and is an NRA-certified instructor.

Dr. Williams is a fulltime emergency physician with Emergency Department and Intensive Care Unit experience in Canada and the United States, and currently is Medical Director of Emergency Medicine at a rural hospital in west Texas. He served as Medical Officer for the City of Ripon WI Police Department for ten years, and as Medical Officer and SWAT Team member of the Waupaca County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team as well. An experienced competitive shooter in smallbore pistol, combat pistol (Wisconsin IDPA Revolver State Champion, 2001, 2005, and 2009), trap, and sporting clays, Dr. Williams brings a unique blend of medical and firearms experience to the field. He is an NRA certified firearms instructor and a Staff Instructor with Massad Ayoob Group.

Dr. Williams’ background is also unique in that he had 8 years experience as a public school teacher before returning to university to take his medical degree, as well as several years experience teaching at the college/university level. He had experience in curriculum development during his teaching tenure, which helped him gain the insight needed to develop the Tactical Anatomy three-dimensional visualization training program.  His classes are highly interactive, profoundly informative and uniquely formatted to maximize learning.

Dr. Williams is a member of IALEFI, ILEETA, and was a member of ASLET until that organization’s demise.  He has been a speaker at law enforcement meetings around the U.S., including the annual ASLET International Conventions (2003-2006), ILEETA 2008-2010, and IALEFI 2006-2009 as well as being the keynote speaker at the IALEFI Annual Training Conference in 2007. In addition to these major conferences, he regularly speaks and trains at smaller law enforcement conferences around the country.




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