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Training is the heart and soul of Tactical Anatomy Systems™. Our courses are primarily designed for active law enforcement, security, and military personnel, we also offer training to qualified civilians as well.

A self-described “training junkie” himself, Dr. Williams has studied firearms, defensive tactics, and the use of deadly force under many of the leading trainers in the world. This input—in combination with his medical training and experience—has shaped the curriculum and content of the Tactical Anatomy Systems™ syllabus.

Local or regional agencies/academies may engage a Tactical Anatomy Systems™ course dedicated to their own personnel, or host a class open to neighboring law enforcement personnel. Through our many partners in law enforcement, we offer classes in various locations throughout the year. See UPCOMING CLASSES for a course coming to a location near you.

Tactical Anatomy: Shooting With Xray Vision

Our trademark class and the core of the TAS training philosophy, Tactical Anatomy is an 8-hour course for law enforcement that will take your officers from a state of basic handgun competency to proficiency in 3D target organ visualization. Topics include:

  • Ethics of the Use of Deadly Force
  • Statistical realities of Officer-Involved Shootings
  • Terminal Ballistics Review
  • Dynamic Realities of Officer-Involved Shootings
  • Gunshot Wounds and Incapacitation
  • Vital Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Visualization of Anatomy in Three Dimensions

Dr. Williams uses a combination of anatomic models, drawings, photos, Xrays, and computer modeling techniques to train personnel in the elements of anatomy as they apply to the police marksman. Topics are presented in a manner and at a level that is easily grasped by non-medical personnel.

Moving out of the classroom, the fundamental concepts are reinforced with simple yet effective practical exercises using computer simulator training (FATS, MILO, etc), and/or force-on-force training.

This course has proven to be very effective in improving OIS hit ratios in the real world, and the learning is highly retained.

Class size is limited to 20 students. Please see Upcoming Classes for scheduled classes, or to host a class contact us for facilities and pricing.

Tactical Anatomy: Shooting With Xray Vision for SWAT

Demands placed on SWAT, Tactical, and Sniper team personnel require them to operate at a significantly higher level of proficiency than their brothers and sisters in patrol division. This interactive course includes the topics covered in basic Tactical Anatomy, but spends significantly more time on topics pertinent to special teams, including:

  • Terminal Ballistics
  • Bullet Design and Performance
  • Effects of Intermediate Barriers
  • Body Armor: Yours and Theirs
  • Hostage Rescue Shooting
  • Immediate Medical Care
  • And much more…

Because each agency’s special teams have unique composition, equipment, and tactics, each SWAT class is tailored to the specific agency’s needs. Input from your agency is heavily relied upon in planning of each class.

8-hour and 16-hour classes are offered. Please contact us for facilities and pricing.

Tactical Anatomy Instructor (Advanced)

This course picks up where the basic Tactical Anatomy course leaves off. This is a 16-hour class designed for the police firearms instructor. Trainees receive teaching tips and techniques in addition to thorough coverage of the core curriculum. After completing this class, an instructor has all the tools needed to fully train patrol officers in the concepts and practices of Tactical Anatomy.

The topics included in the basic Tactical Anatomy class are covered in more depth and detail, and in addition Advanced topics include:

  • Adult Learning: Theory and Practice
  • Effective Training Management
  • Exercise Planning
  • Diagnosing and Correcting Student Errors
  • Multimedia Presentations
  • Accessing Specialized Equipment

This is a highly interactive class. Attendees are expected to “bring their brains”, to ask and answer questions, and to challenge fixed ideas and dogmas that block effective learning.

Tactical Anatomy Instructor is very popular class that consistently receives “10 out of 10” ratings from attendees. See ABOUT for comments on this class.

Please see UPCOMING CLASSES for scheduled classes, or to host a class contact us for facilities and pricing.*

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Tactical Anatomy: Shooting With Xray Vision for Civilians

Every year the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report and other Department of Justice documents demonstrate that private citizens used deadly force justifiably in self-defense roughly twice as often as police do. Dr. Gary Kleck in his landmark study published in the Journal of the American Medical Assocation in 1996 proved that private citizens use firearms in defense against criminals more than two million times annually.

Given these facts, and recognizing that Americans’ right to keep, bear, and use firearms is guaranteed by the Second Amendment of the Constitution, Tactical Anatomy Systems™ is honored to offer the same training in 3D target visualization to qualified private citizens as we offer to police. By “qualified”, we mean anyone who can legally own/carry a firearm and provide proof of good character.

Our 8-hour Tactical Anatomy for Civilians class includes all the classroom topics covered in Tactical Anatomy: Shooting With Xray Vision. Practical exercises may be limited in scope due to facilities and equipment issues. Special attention is given to self-defense topics unique to women and physically disadvantaged citizens.

Please see Upcoming Classes for scheduled Tactical Anatomy for Civilians classes. Practical firearms training is a recommended prerequisite, but is not strictly required.

Tactical Treatment of Gunshot Wounds

Tactical Anatomy SystemsTM  offers several options for training in the treatment of trauma in the tactical setting: 4-hr Basic, 8-hr Intermediate, and 16-hr Advanced  level courses. Both the Intermediate and Advanced courses are detailed enough that upon completion you should have all the Instructor tools you need to go home and train your whole cadre or department. These courses are designed for SWAT and military personnel, not EMT’s. Their purpose is to train operators in the core techniques needed to save the life of a buddy, a civilian casualty, or even oneself in the tactical environment.

These courses have been developed over several years out of my trauma experience as a certified Emergency Physician, an EMS Medical Director, and after taking tactical medicine classes offered by colleagues around the country. The curriculum of these courses continues to evolve as more information comes my way from tactical medics and docs returning from the Sandbox and elsewhere.

So what does Tactical Anatomy ‘s  TTGSW class consist of? To be honest, it depends on how much time you allot for training, and the level of skill and training the class has coming in the doors. My most basic TTGSW class is a 4-hour block that covers the basic principles of field treatment of gunshot wounds, edged weapons wounds, and blast trauma, with hands-on practical exercises in using the basic survival tools that every soldier or cop should have on hand in a violent confrontation. If we have a more advanced group with more time, we go into more advanced scenario-based training incorporating simulated wounds and simulated-fire and live-fire environments, officer-down extrication procedures, airway management, and IV access. 

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Tactical Anatomy Systems™ , in conjunction with training partners in the Midwest and from around the nation, has offered top-quality innovative firearms training to law enforcement and private citizens since 2001. Our instructors are all certified by NRA and/or law enforcement authorities.

We strongly emphasize safety in all our firearms training courses. Basic proficiency in safe gun-handling and the manual of arms with the weapon(s) in use for each class is a prerequisite. Safety violations are swiftly and sharply dealt with.

Tactical Anatomy Systems™ Patrol Carbine

Patrol Carbine is an 8-hour, 500-round rifle course emphasizing the basics of fighting with the semiautomatic/select-fire carbine or rifle. This is not a shooting class, it is a fighting class. Attendees may use any reliable semiauto or select-fire carbine/rifle, but we strongly recommend that attendees use the same weapon or type as issued by their department. Bear in mind that our courses are built on the AR15/M16 platform. See ABOUT for comments on Patrol Carbine from some of our past trainees.

Topics include:

  • Safety Review
  • Ballistic Capabilities of Carbine and Rifle Calibers
  • Shot Placement
  • CQB Stances
  • CQB Sighting
  • Use of Cover
  • Shooting With Movement
  • Shooting From Positions of Disadvantage
  • +/- Full Auto Techniques

Please see UPCOMING CLASSES for scheduled Patrol Carbine classes, or contact us if you wish to host a class for your agency and/or neighboring agencies.

Tactical Anatomy Systems™ Defensive Rifle for Civilians

At Tactical Anatomy Systems™ we firmly believe and support the Second Amendment. As such, we freely offer the same training to qualified private citizens as we do to law enforcement, within statutory limits. By “qualified”, we mean anyone who can legally own/carry a firearm and can provide proof of good character.

Modeled on our Patrol Carbine class, this 8-hour, 300-round class is an introduction to fighting with the semiautomatic carbine or rifle. Attendees may use any reliable semiauto or select-fire carbine/rifle, but we strongly recommend that attendees make every effort to bring a quality firearm to class. Limited “loaner” carbines may be available. Bear in mind that our courses are built on the AR15/M16 platform and the .223/5.56×45 cartridge.

Topics include:

  • Safety Review
  • Ballistic Capabilities of Carbine and Rifle Calibers
  • Shot Placement
  • CQB Stances and Sighting
  • Cover Stances
  • Shooting With Movement

Please see UPCOMING CLASSES for scheduled Patrol Carbine classes, and contact us for pricing or if you wish to host a class.

Tactical Anatomy Systems™ Force-on-Force for Civilians

Defensive-minded private citizens’ opportunities for taking force-on-force training has been extremely limited until now. Tactical Anatomy Systems™ is pleased to offer this cutting-edge training modality to qualified private citizens. This training provides the closest possible experience to being in an actual deadly force situation, and through widespread use in law enforcement has proven to save good people’s lives.

Force-on-Force for Civilians consists of four 4-hour blocks of instruction. Each block consists of a series of deadly force scenarios designed by our certified force-on-force instructors. Trainees receive two-on-one individual instruction from our personnel.

Block I is the mandatory prerequisite for all other blocks of training, and includes our comprehensive safety briefing. Blocks I and II include multiple force-on-force scenarios using Airsoft-type weapons. Blocks III and IV may only be taken after successful completion of I and II, and involve use of SIMUNITION™ training guns, ammunition, and safety equipment.

Please see UPCOMING CLASSES for scheduled Force-on-Force classes, and contact us for pricing or if you wish to host a class.

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